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Friday, February 3, 2012

Berlin's Bahns & Buses: Hauptbahnhof

Berlin's Hauptbahnhof, or central train station, is considered one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. I have to agree. Its grandeur, the way the light filters through the glass and steel and down through all the layers of the station make it an awe inspiring place. It is, I must admit, a bit weird to walk out of all that modern grandeur into the surrounding part of the city. Indeed, it doesn't feel like a city here at all, but rather like, well, a lot of space with some cool modern buildings off in the distance. I've come to cherish the space and the feeling of near-vertigo one gets while standing out in the grassy field across the river from the train station.

For a lot more video footage of the Haubtbahnhof, go to my Bahns & Buses video & essay. For views of other train stations in Berlin, check out Feuerbachstrasse, Olympia Stadion, Deutsch Oper, Westhafen, Gesundbrunnen.